Tell me about the Tales from the Crypt comic's lettering
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How the lettering of the old Tales from the Crypt comic was made?

I love that look and I would like to find a way to reproduce it or approximate it. How did they do that lettering?

It's obv not a computer font -- but is there a computer font that's is similar, including the imperfections?

Probably there's a way I can replicate that by making my own font. I've made fonts from my handwriting before in those cheap and easy services. I just want the handmade mechanical feel of that lettering, and I suppose I could just copy and paste the letters individually but for the sake of "authenticity" I'd rather write the letters just as they did.

More examples: 1, 2, 3.
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Best answer: Seems to be Leroy lettering. Here's a font.
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Great question! It's funny that according to brentajones' link Feldstein would have preferred hand-lettering in hindsight; to me the Leroy lettering is a crucial component of what makes those comics so compelling.
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Yep, that's a Leroy! Legendary letterer Todd Klein talks about EC's history with the Leroy in this blog post, and Ben Towle goes into the nuts and bolts here.
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I bought an unused Leroy lettering set much like this one on eBay some years ago at a university rummage/surplus sale but the few different sizes of the lettering was much larger than the Leroy shown in brentajones's link. Beautifully manufactured thing. I eventually gave it away.
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Casey Burns released a free font (set) based on the E.C. comics lettering.
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