Motion sensor light won't come on
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I have this Motion sensor light. It comes on when initially turning on the switch as usual, but won't come back on with motion. Help me get it fixed.
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The specs on the fixture you linked to say it's not motion-activated.
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The product you linked to is a light fixture - is that right? It looks like you need to purchase a motion sensor light bulb to complete your project. You should be able to find one at your local hardware store, or Amazon has plenty of options. (Just make sure you select an outdoor bulb if that's where your fixture is located.)
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Response by poster: Let's stipulate that it's a motion sensor light that looks just like that. There are sensitivity and timer knobs next to a pinky finger sized window.
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Here's an online manual for Portfolio Motion Sensor lights that you might find helpful. It has sections on how to set up the light and troubleshooting problems with the motion sensor. Although it's a different model from the one you linked to, it's likely the workings will be fairly universal for this type of lamp.
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Most of these only come on in the dark. Is there a light sensor as well? Does it turn on if you cover the light sensor?
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