Pentax K-7 knob has a mind of its own
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My Pentax K-7 DSLR is broken and I can’t find someone to repair it. I would prefer repairing it over purchasing a new model. It is about 7 years old I think. I have sent it to Precision Camera but they said it is too old to repair. Is there a company that repairs these? If I get an otherwise broken K7 for parts is it possible for me to repair it? Are there guides online to take it apart?

The rear knob (for adjusting aperture or zooming previews of photos on memory card) will adjust randomly left of right when I advance it in one direction. My friend has suggested it might have water damage that is put it on the fritz. It has only gotten wet when it had a weather sealed lens on it.

I exchanged its viewfinder and can repair computers but haven’t taken apart a camera before.
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You can get another K-7 body from Adorama for $219. That would be a simple, and probably less expensive, solution. The Pentax Hack forum has a service manual for some older models, but not apparently the K7
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blob has the answer. The truth is, repairing relatively low cost cameras is just not worth it, unless you want to do it all yourself and don't care how much time you spend on it. A friend recently took a Canon Rebel, a few years old, into our local repair shop, and was told it would cost twice as much to repair it as the camera was worth.

The good news is, if you don't care about having the latest, greatest camera (and you shouldn't), there are bargains galore on eBay and other online site. Adorama is a very reputable place, as is and,
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You might have some luck spraying some contact cleaner (like this) at the problematic switch, but there's no guarantee and it might even make things worse. That said, I've been pleasantly surprised how often contact cleaner will fix issues like this.
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If you want to repair it, check out Pentax Forums. There are a number a bunch of highly knowledgeable folks floating around there who can help you typically for a small price. You can check out their user profiles to see past feedback. I've had a lens repaired by someone there and it works fine.

They may also be able to show you the specific repair needed if it's simple.
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A used one for just over $200 is reasonable, but I will first try the contact cleaner. I see some posts on Pentax forums for this same issue on various models. Some people say they fixed it by spraying into the dial and some have disassembled it and sprayed the dial mechanism from inside the camera. I’ll try jut spraying without disassembly first. I’m still looking for disassembly directions but so far no luck there.
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