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I need recommendations for DIY workbooks (preferably things I can literally write in, but not mandatory) to learn about CBT tactics, particularly for OCD. Additionally, am interested in any recommendations for books (and especially audiobooks) that cover these topics, and referrals in NYC for CBT professionals.

I've been in an ongoing battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Disease Phobia (health anxiety). I have tried "sit and talk" therapy to figure out the "why." Now, I need help with the "do something about it" part. I'm not interested in medication for various reasons. Please refrain from sharing anecdotes about others' similar struggles. I'm just interested in resources to help learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques for OCD.

I am seeking out in-person CBT for OCD in NYC, but I'm having a difficult time finding someone who will take my insurance (which is MetroPlus Essential Plan, in case anyone happens to be in my exact situation and has a referral).
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Check out The OCD Workbook.
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Oxford University Press has a series, Treatments that Work, that are meant to be done under the care of a therapist, but one can also purchase a workbook which has exercises in it.

Treating Your OCD with Exposure and Response: "Designed to be used in conjunction with its companion therapist guide titled Exposure and Ritual (Response) Prevention for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this Workbook includes an exposure and ritual prevention treatment program which is broken down into 17 - 20 biweekly treatment sessions. During these sessions the patient will be gradually exposed to situations and places that trigger his or her OCD symptoms. The goal is that over time the OCD sufferer comes to realize that the things he or she fears will not necessarily occur if the rituals are not performed. Some exposures will be supervised by the therapist, but the workbook can help the patient to practice on their own at home in order to overcome some of the barriers and difficulties that are part and parcel of every treatment."

I would suggest you contact McLean Hospital's OCD Institute who can give you names of practitioners they've trained.
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