Best shampoo for removing hair product?
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I have thick, coarse hair and use pomade or cream to style it. What's a good shampoo I can use to clean out hair product buildup? It seems I have to shampoo two or three times for my hair to feel clean again. I generally shampoo every two or three days, but regardless of frequency, it's hard to wash hair product out.
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The keyword you're looking for is clarifying. Clarifying shampoos are designed to do just this. BUT if you put a scoop of baking soda in your hand to mix with your normal shampoo when you wash your hair you can achieve a pretty similar result.

Make sure you condition your hair well after you use clarifying shampoo (or the baking soda hack) though, because it just strips to hell all the good, healthy oils from your hair.
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Hey OP, you sound like me. Aren't the hair frustrations just *awesome*. I still have faint blue hair from a round of Manic Panic almost 3 months ago. It's just that thick and product-holding.

I use & recommend Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo. I find it gets out all but the most stubborn of heavy duty greases in one go, and those fall to a second round of shampooing. I wash pretty much every day, but I find the products tend to break down after even a day, so they should be easier to wash out after 2-3 days.

Good luck!
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I used to mix about a quarter teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid with about a tablespoon of shampoo to remove pomade from my hair. Eventually I started using water-soluble products because anything petroleum based was just too hard to wash out.
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I got a sample of DevaCurl's Buildup Buster and it's really good stuff - I ended up buying a full size version.
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This is my theoretical two cents. Use a light oil like grapeseed or olive oil, enough to get through all your hair. Rub it in well, let it sit for a couple of minutes, like while you shower. Then use a regular clarifying shampoo to get after everything. The heavier oils in a cream, maybe hydrogenated might be melted by the light oil. Regular shampoo will take that out. If it doesn't work, OK no biggie, but if it does work, then it is inexpensive, and OK for your skin, and all.
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Was gonna mention DevaCurl’s Buildup Buster too. It’s like micellar water for your hair. It doesn’t foam like shampoo, but leaves it very clean.
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For clearing residue from products and Re balancing pH, rinse with vinegar. Thanks, high school chem teacher!
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My trick is to use Irish Spring soap, the green kind.
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I’ve been using Neutrogena for this for a couple of decades. My stylist also recommended it to use the day before coloring, to make sure there was no product residue.
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I like Bumble&Bumble's Sunday Shampoo when I have, or feels like I have, a lot of product in my hair. I've even used it to hasten getting rid of a temporary color I just didn't care for.
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Try a rinse of 1 part apple cider vinegar to ~2 parts water.
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Baking soda. Make a paste with water and slather all over your hair, wait a few minutes then rinse off. Or make a half baking soda/water solution in a large bowl, dunk your hair in a few times and marvel at how discolored the water will be!!
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