Special materials to repair crock pot lid?
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I need to repair one of the lid handles on my MiL's crock pot. Because it is close to high temperatures and above food, do I need to use special materials?

I am thinking mostly of whether I need stainless steel screws, special washer, and any special glue? Can I use an ordinary metal screw, and whatever plastic washer fits, and...um....I think I have some Gorilla-brand super/cyanoacrylate glue?

(I don't know the brand; the lid is oval, it has a loop handle, and the latch & lifting handle are on the long sides, not at the far ends.)

Thanks for helping me not poison anyone!
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I had a used and old crockpot that had the lid handle snap off. I used several pieces of Gorilla tape to just attach the broken handle parts together, and then more tape to tape the handle to the top of the lid itself. None of the Gorilla tape actually touched any of the food since the broken pieces were on top of the lid. It looked janky, but still did the job. No one has died as far as I know due to my "fix."
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Best answer: I used the original screw and washer that came with my crock pot when the lid broke. I used a silicone trivet to put in between the washer and the screw as a buffer, and that worked.

If you don't have the original screw and washer, I'd use stainless steel.
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Best answer: When the handle snapped on my Crock Pot's lid, I wrote to Rival to see about a replacement handle and they sent me a new Crock Pot.
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Best answer: It cost me like 10 bucks to replace the lid to my crockpot. It was totally worth it to have a pristine, clean lid.
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Crockpots are about $25. Why not just get a new one?
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Response by poster: Crockpots are about $25. Why not just get a new one?

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Response by poster: I plan to use a nylon washer and a stainless steel screw, unless Rival's parent company comes through with a whole new handle.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
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Response by poster: They came through!

The new lid is on its way in 6 to 8 weeks, totally free. Thank you, Jarden Consumer Solutions!
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