Whites, even whiter
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How do I keep my white clothes bright white, instead of dingy, off-white? Give me all the laundry tips.
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Bleach? That's what it's for.
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Bleach, and also a detergent that contains optical brighteners.
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Don’t wash white clothes with dark ones.
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Bleach, oxyclean, hot water for those things that need hot water (and cold for things like blood).
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Oh I forgot, I live in an apartment so it's a very non-fancy, standard HE top load washer/dryer.
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Don't use too much detergent (you're probably using too much -- most people do! -- try using half as much as you normally do). Add Borax.
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If you launder your whites with colors, throw one of these into the wash.
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Use bluing to counter yellowing in whites.
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If you have a shirt that's yellowed you might have success throwing it in a bucket of Oxiclean. I got pit stains out of a shirt that had been there for years by soaking it for two days then putting it in the normal laundry. Make sure that you use a bit of hot water in with the powder to melt it and then add whatever temperature the garment tag calls for. Usually whites are hot (unless it's silk, wool or something delicate).

Soaking something in a bucket is apartment-friendly so you don't put a bunch of stuff in common washers. I'd be mad if people put bleach in my (shared) washers.
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Separate whites(lights) from the rest of your laundry and add a small amount of bleach to the white load along with deterg. Use hot water. Bonus - it will help keep the washer from getting nasty.

Any bleach used will be rinsed, and any tiny residue will evaporate.
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Dry outside in the sun, if possible. The sun has a similar bleaching effect to oxiclean.
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Bleach or soak them in Oxyclean, wash with bluing agents. Wash separately.
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Just a note: bluing agents work by actually dyeing your laundry. For the most part, optical brighteners have replaced them since the mid-20th-century. Rather than changing the colour of your clothes, these absorb UV light and emit bluish visible light, achieving much the same effect without, you know, actually turning your shirts blue.
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Maybe you need to decalcify your water? In my experience hard water can lead to grey clothes.
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Don't put your whites in the dryer on high heat. Use drying racks or put on hangers.
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Buy new ones. Not saying ignore the above advice, but I wear a white shirt five days a week, and there comes a time when you just have to buy new ones.
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+1 to soaking in oxiclean leading to noticeably brightening all my whites. If they're really far gone, you might needs a few laundry cycles to really revive them. I also find that throwing in a spoonful with the laundry as a preventative measure works well too.
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Only wash with whites, with (not too much) bleach. My socks and towels were white white white for over 10 years. Then, I had to get rid of the cleaning lady, and doing it myself I'm lazy and mix up my loads, and now I have gray socks. Off to go buy enough socks to mostly fill a load.
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If you are considering environmental and developmental impact, I would hold off on the optical brighteners (and scents in your detergent as well). There's some realistic concern that they bio-accumulate and are endocrine disruptors.
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Oxiclean all the way.
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I don’t remember who the resident ammonia expert was here, but in case they are no longer active, I’ll just suggest ammonia and put a decent-seeming link here - How to Use Ammonia in the Laundry, which says “Chlorine bleach is often touted as the best way to whiten whites, but not all white fabrics can handle bleach. It turns some materials yellow after the first use and with continued use may turn even classically bleachable fabrics like cotton a buttery shade. Adding 1 cup of ammonia to your wash cycle in place of chlorine or oxygen bleach brightens whites without harming the fibers of most materials, and it won't turn your favorite white shirt a dingy color.”
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I came here to say ammonia! Ammonia has fallen out of fashion but it literally is the cheapest, best way to whiten whites. Just don't mix it with bleach! lol

I think oxyclean is a rip off, if you're buying oxyclean, you might as well just use peroxide. That's what's in it.
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I’ve seen the most difference by adding a scoop of Oxiclean in with my whites. I find bleach degrades the fabric quality.
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Buy 40% peroxide in a gallon jug at Sally's Beauty. My laundry room never has truly HOT water, so about once a month my white linens get a soak in the tub with the hottest water, a cup or so of peroxide, splash of blue Dawn, and some Borax. I leave them in there for a few hours, wring them out, and wash as usual. Works a treat.
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Hot water and Oxyclean and soaking.

(I think I just suggested this for getting labels off of bottles a few days ago. Hell, it works for a lot of things!)
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