Wirless VGA Connection
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Any way to wirelessly enable the VGA port on my LCD television for photo slideshows?

I've looked at all the digital photo albums and none that I have seen interest me -- they're either too tiny, require a media card or USB memory key, or they're way too expensive. I have the screenshow that I want on my desktop PC. Now, I'd like to link it to my LCD TV in another part of the house, wirelessly. I know there are network boxes that will do this -- like the Gateway Connected DVD Player -- but these use their own software as far as I can tell. I'm looking for a "pure" connection that supports the custom slideshow I have. Any suggestions welcome.
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There are a number of products that do this, but they aren't especially cheap.
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Also, almost no wireless VGA solutions are allowed in residential areas by FCC regulations - the first result in the search that The Bellman linked to, for example, is only allowed in schools, churches, businesses, etc.

Of course, how they logically intent to enforce that is beyond me. I'm not up on my FCC stuff.
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I'm not sure if this will work as well, but I used to have a wireless (analog) transmitter and receiver with component inputs and outputs. If your LCD can take component (or a converter to VGA) it will do the job
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