How do I combine my nutrition and exercise tracking using an Apple Watch
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How do I combine my nutrition and exercise tracking using an Apple Watch?

I have been using a FitBit for the past couple years and I really like the functionality of the app. In particular, I liked that the nutrition and activity informed each other. For example, if I burn 100 calories on a run, the nutrition goals adjusted accordingly. I also liked that it showed the breakdown of macronutrients.

I just got an Apple Watch and I would like an app that gives me the same combination of information. I don't really care where all this information is pulled together. The default ios Health app seemed liked the obvious choice, but I downloaded one of their recommended food trackers (MyPlate) and in the MyPlate app, it seems to be connecting to the step tracker in my phone rather than my watch. It also doesn't seem to feed its data back to the Health app. I tried MyFitnessPal and it did the same thing.

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I use Lose It! with my Apple Watch. It has four options to automatically log exercise: Active Calories from the Watch plus workouts from the Watch or 3rd party apps; Steps from the Watch plus workouts from apps; workouts only; and no auto-logging. It did take some fine-tuning of the read-write settings in the Health app.
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