Why Can't I Get Channel 12 in Richmond VA?
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Last week my TV stopped receiving the local NBC affiliate via antenna. I live 10 miles from the NBC transmitter, at 199 degrees, and 12 miles from the other major networks at 225 degrees. That close I shouldn't need anything more than a basic antenna, and I actually have a indoor amplified antenna.

The other networks are fine, I get nothing on channel 12.1, or the 2 or 3 sub-channels they had at 12.2 etc.

It worked fine since we moved here in early Nov., and now it doesn't. Attempts to ask the Twitter account for the station have been ignored.

1. Anybody in Richmond with a TV antenna that can confirm if it's me, or the station?
2. Anybody have any ideas on what is up?

I can stream NBC on Hulu, so it really isn't that big of a deal. But stuff not working for no reason I can ascertain is the kind of stupid stuff that will keep me up at night.
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FWIW when I got a fancy amplified antenna for my digital TV, I soon discovered that the amplification actually made the signal *too strong*. I actually couldn't receive any stations at all because they are all close like yours, very strong, and this super-hot signal was just overwhelming the TV's tuner.

In the end I returned the fancy amplifying antenna and got a simple, cheap basic one--and it work 1000% better.

So, something like this might be the problem in your case, with a signal that is so close and strong.
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Did you do a channel rescan? Just in case something went sideways with the QAM tuner.
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Response by poster: Should have added - I have rescanned, several times.
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Judging by the (mostly dormant) Richmond local reception thread at AVS Forum, it looks like channel 12 is just a problem. It's broadcast on a VHF channel and you'll need a UHF/VHF antenna in order to pick up both that channel and everything else. People seem to have good luck with the Mohu Leaf antenna. If you can mount an outdoor antenna I have an older variant of the ClearStream 2Max in DC and it's great.
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