How many civil servants live in each Canadian federal electoral riding?
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I've been trying to find the number of federal civil servants who live in each federal riding in Canada. I've scoured through StatsCan and Google and just can't find anything. But it seems to me that there MUST be numbers out there on this. Help?
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The more likely scenario is that this would be data available from the Treasury Board Secretariat, who are responsible for administering Canada's federal public service, rather than Statscan. It appears that they use data from their payroll system as the record for this:

Population of the Federal Public Service by Geographic Region

Demographic Snapshot of Canada’s Federal Public Service, 2016

This only goes down as far as province-by-province distribution of federal public service employees (as well as the number within the National Capital Region), and excludes certain elements of the public service (e.g., CSIS). So what you're looking for (number per federal riding) may not be a data set maintained by anyone, but the Treasury Board Secretariat might be your best bet for direct inquiries to see if it does.
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I suspect that privacy concerns are an issue. Most employment data reported by Statscan is broken down by province, public or private.
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I don't think StatsCan has this data, or at least produces it. The 2016 census profiles do have industry of employment for each riding, but all government workers are grouped together in a single industry regardless of level of government (and this only includes "pure" government workers, as other public service jobs such as education and health care workers are in different industry groupings).

I'm not sure what you're looking for with the results, but it's important to consider that in urban areas there's no control over where federal government workers live, so I'm not sure how meaningful the results would be at the riding level. For instance, the civil servants working in a single office on Parliament Hill could reasonably live in about a dozen different Ontario ridings and four Quebec ridings, depending on their preferences in commute length and type, housing, their budget, where their spouses work, and so on. Obviously in some more remote areas this wouldn't be the case - someone who works for Parks Canada in Gwaii Haanas Park on Haida Gwaii almost certainly lives in Skeena - Bulkley Valley, for instance.
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Agreed with the above assessments of the availability of this information; you won't get it unless you are able and willing to do a good deal of your own legwork to put the picture together and even then you'd probably have a hard time getting anything that looks like a complete picture.

You might be able to put in an access to information request to TBS for this, but due to privacy rules at most they'd be able to give you number of employees by the first three characters of their postal codes, but given that many of these straddle electoral districts, you won't get very close to what you're looking for and it would likely take awhile to generate the information.

Sometimes MPs ask order paper questions about the number of employees who live in their riding. Many departments can't provide this information (they don't have a tool in their information systems that translates postal codes to ridings), but you could probably get this for some ridings.
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