How do I report a half working elevator in Los Angeles, California?
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The elevator in my apartment building has been having problems all year and even now that it's "working" it's still acting up. The landlord is avoiding upgrading the unit despite being unable to fix it to full capacity. The license to operate the elevator in my apartment building is past the expiration date. Many people have complained but it's not doing anything. Do you know how to get the housing authorities involved? My googling has left me more confused than empowered to deal with this.
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City of LA: Elevator Code Questions and Complaints
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Do any of the authorities have Twitter accounts? Have you tried tweeting at them?

Also consider tweeting at other city officials, including your councilperson.
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I reported a similar situation in an LA apartment building a year or two ago - the elevator was acting weird and the license was years past due. Snuffleupagus's link sends you to the Building and Safety department, which I think is correct - if I remember correctly, we contacted HCID first and they referred us to there. I called in the complaint and within a week or so the elevator had a temporary new license, so they must have looked into it.
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