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I'd like to build a site indexing my carefully curated art links, to connect people with good info out there. Please suggest pre-existing index-of-links sites in other realms that might serve as (coarse) design inspiration.

Art is a big interest of mine. Web searching for info on historical artists (aside from top names) yields noisy results. The best bio/analysis info often lurks 6 results pages deep, or buried in a forum thread somewhere.

I've got a collection of bookmarks, and want to build a web site serving as a nexus/index. Each artist gets her/his own page of annotated, curated links.

This wouldn't be a destination site, just a way station, eventually serving people popping in from web searches (I know search prominence is hard, but let's table that discussion for now.)

Any models out there for how to structure the front end? A similar nexus/index/way station serving some niche? Or any clever design suggestions? Ideal response would be "Hey, this reminds me of THAT", or "I know the perfect platform for building this out...."

I'm looking for solutions friendly to surfers and to Google, in that order.
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Try the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts.
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You can use what Google uses both internally and publicly: Google Sites. All you need is a gmail account. My website listed on my Mefi page is done in the classic version (had it for years) but there a newer and slicker version as well. Very flexible and adaptable. Free for small, personal use...
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It's been a long time since I've used either of these, but what came to my mind:
- Indexhibit (downloadable from github), a lightweight PHP-based content management system. Could be easy enough to throw a site up with links and text that you've got.
-, which might not be exactly what you envisioned but still might be useful for building up a collection of links. Lots of art people are users on it, so links/text/images that you put up could be viewed as more users/searchers connect to them.
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