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I'm looking for some recent parts lists with links to buying and building a PC primarily for video editing.

I'm looking to build a PC geared toward 4k video editing. I've been doing a lot of freelance video work, so, I'd like to get this ordered before the end of the year for tax purposes. After a decade of working on Mac's, I think I'd like to build my own PC. I've done this before, but, that was a long time ago. So any guides or advice would be very helpful.

Ideally, I'd like to find someone who has posted a list of parts with links to Amazon to purchase, and then a bit of a step by step guide on the build. I've found a couple, but, it's hard to tell who's reputable.

I primarily work in the Adobe suite. My budget is around $2k.
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Have you seen PC Part Picker? Good luck, building a PC is great fun!
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Response by poster: Yeah, I've looked at that site. But, it's all pretty gaming oriented. I don't need fancy cases and lighting. I need something that is fast, not loud, that can handle dual 4k monitors and can render 4k footage quickly. I want to make sure I'm ordering stuff that is compatible with each other.
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You can always swap those out from someone else's build. For example, there's this sub $2,000 4k video editing build, and if you click "view full price breakdown" then you can start editing the parts list to switch to a fan that doesn't have LEDs, or a different case or RAM or whatever. When you're switching parts, there's a checkbox for the "compatibility filter" that ensures you're only browsing components that are compatible with everything else in your build.

(I can't deep link to my original search, but I started on the builds page , searched for "4k video editing," and then dragged the price slider down to 2,000.)
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You're looking for Puget Systems! Custom builds and part lists for video editing, post production, etc. They add a huge markup, so don't look at the price and get scared away -- you can probably build any of their suggested builds for half the cost (or less) if you do it yourself. Their part lists are a great start for those of us who want a workstation and not a gaming machine. They have builds for a variety of software and even break it down by task (ie if you are using some machines to work and some machines as render machines).
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I built my rig in 2014 so I can't help with most of the specific parts, but I built it with a case from Fractal Designs It came with very quiet fans, it has plenty of space, and while I have dusted it out I haven't really needed to dust it out. I've never experienced that kind of interior cleanliness from any other case I've had. It has some removable dust screens that are easy to clean. They're at the top of my list for any future builds.
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You say you want to buy from Amazon, and actually they are getting better for individual computer build parts, so that is totally a viable option. I haven't bought parts in about 18 months, but in the past my go-to place for PC parts was Newegg, but you can also score good deals from places like Tiger Direct, Banggood and Alibaba. Newegg was the best, but I hear rumors that they are slipping, and often Amazon can come near on cost and shipping now, but I don't know that from personal experience.
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