Just worked out my gas oven can do a clever thing...
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I've just discovered my gas oven can come on and stay on for a set duration then turn itself off! I am over the moon as I've been getting up early to (for example) turn the baked porridge on so it's ready when the whole family gets up. Are there other dishes that lend themselves well to this? The thing with the baked porridge is it's so bloody convenient and cosy to have such a nice, warming dish ready for you when rising to a cold house. Doesn't have to be breakfast could also be evening meal etc.
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The constraint of having it be food that can sit for a long period of time not heated or refrigerated seems pretty daunting. Maybe some sort of bread or rolls that you can set to be perfectly warmed when dinner's ready?
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It seems like there would be a bunch of dishes in the vegetarian or vegan casserole space that could take advantage of this feature. Also, you made me look and my new oven does this too. Looking forward to seeing what metafilter comes up with.
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If I had this, I'd use it for baked potatoes or sweet potatoes for weeknight dinners.
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I'm seconding the worry over leaving something unrefrigerated in the oven for hours. That's a foodborne illness breeding ground.
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Oh! And dutch-oven dry beans! Put them in with their soaking water and shelf-stable spices Monday night, set the timer to turn on the oven late on Tuesday afternoon, add whatever ingredients need refrigeration when you get home from work, eat them for dinner Tuesday night.
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When I was a teen, my gran would use this function every Tuesday when she knew she would be home late. She'd put a seasoned chicken and hasselback potatoes in the oven during the afternoon, and at 7:30 PM there would be delicious food. I've never dared try this myself, though I've had several ovens with the function. But it worked for years for my gran.
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Try Googling for recipes that are meant for an oven's Shabbos mode.

(I hope you like cholent and brisket!)
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