Need help with roof and deck repair
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Seeking a builder on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

My family has a cabin near Clallam Bay, Washington. It needs some work--mainly a new roof and deck. It's in the rainforest on the coast. Things are starting to rot and leak. It's a pretty simple structure (one room, yurt-style, no electricity or plumbing), and we could do the work ourselves, but we'd rather hire somebody. I'm guessing it would take a few days to a week.

Any tips on finding someone to help? The area is kind of remote, but it's close to some small cities (Port Angeles, Forks, Neah Bay).
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John Anderson is an old friend of mine who works his own construction business in the Seattle area. He has a lot of experience, is impeccable as far as business and his humanity goes. He is a small contractor, not one of the big ones. The Back Porch Apostles link is a way to find him through Facebook.
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I had a great experience with this crew, and believe they’ll travel. Family run, hardworking and honest.
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