Editing events created by others in Google Calendar
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After Google Calendar's latest rash of changes, I can no longer edit the titles of events that are added to my calendar by other people. I'm losing my damn mind. Are there any good workarounds?

My husband and I frequently add events to each other's calendars by adding the other person as a guest. For my own clarity, sanity, and consistency, I almost always rename them to something that makes more sense to me, but I can still receive any updates he made to the event. Google Calendar's recent update appears to have removed this functionality entirely, as the title bar is now grayed out when I click "edit" on the invite, and it tells me I cannot edit events created by others.

Are there any workarounds to this problem? So far the best I can come up with is deleting/declining his event and recreating it on my own to my own specifications, but then I won't get any updates from him. Ahhhh! Please tell me there's a better way I'm just not seeing.
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Never mind! I just discovered that I can change back to "classic calendar" in the settings, which restores this functionality, at least for the time being. THANK GOD.
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I would still like to hear if there are any workarounds to this problem in the new view, as it's only a matter of time until we are all forced into the new design.
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I was just able to go in to a calendar event my wife had created on her own calendar, and I edited the title and saved it successfully. but you mention "declining his event" -- are you talking about editing the copy of the event that is added to your own calendar when you accept an invite? Or editing the original on his calendar (assuming his calendar is shared with you)?
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are you talking about editing the copy of the event that is added to your own calendar when you accept an invite?

Yes, this. In the old version, you could do this, and Google Calendar would simply warn you that you were making changes that would be displayed on your own calendar.
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I'd ask him to make sure you are allowed to edit when he makes the invitation (still struggling with the transition myself but I do 99% of our clan daring.
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