what do you think of seattle mental health?
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Does anyone have experience with Seattle Mental Health's Northwest Counseling Institute in Redmond, Washington?

I'm trying to deal with depression and stress issues (I've been having trouble with them for years, really) and finding a therapist is intimidating. Seattle Mental Health (website) has a counseling center with different types of professionals all in one place, which seems convenient. Has anyone had any experiences with the place, positive or negative?

Also, are there any reasons you'd suggest picking an individual therapist instead?

If anyone has input they don't want to post here, you can send it to me at tiredofbeingtired@gmail.com
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I know some people who work there. It seems like a very good place and they are good therapists. I recommend giving them a go.
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I don't have specific experience with them, although my dad worked for them in the 60's; I do know a very good therapist in Seattle, however, if you want his name go ahead and get ahold of me and I'll pass on his contact info.

I saw this therapist for the better part of two years a while back, and he really helped me - if you want his info, no questions asked, email me and I'll pass it on.
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