swap the jewels or lose your fingers
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I'm looking for a Bejeweled clone for iOS.

My mom misses playing Bejeweled or some other Bejeweled-alike, so I'm here trying to help her find a replacement. The only real conditions are that it not be ad-supported or have enforced cool-down periods. She's willing to spend money to buy an app that she can just play at her leisure. Primary use is on iPhone but if the app is also compatible on iPad that's a bonus. Any recommendations you have are welcomed.
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I’ve enjoyed 10,000,000 and You Must Build A Boat. Just a few bucks each, no gimmicky cool downs, ads, or pay-to-win mechanics.

Both are matchy puzzle games like Bejeweled, but neither uses the exact same rule set. Both have additional light rpg elements, which I found to be fun and engaging, yMomsmmv.
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Maybe try Potion Explosion, which is an app based on a boardgame based on Bejeweled-style apps. It has some slight additional complexity to it.
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Zookeeper DX is simple and cute. (One caveat: I haven't played this in ages so I can't say if there's any compatibility issues on modern devices.)
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Piyo Blocks 2? Also the first one is free with no ads or in app purchases.
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Maybe I don’t understand the question, but the bonefide Bejeweled is available for iOS in several flavors; I have it on my phone. The one she probably wants is called “Classic.”
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Response by poster: carmicha: it does exist, yes, and is full of ads. I think she'd rather a solution where the game is just purchased outright and that's it, not download an ad-supported thing then figure out where to buy the option to remove ads. Plus if you look at the rest of the in-app purchase for Bejeweled there are several other powerups or packages to buy, which ... anyway, you get my point. I'd rather the purchase be one-and-done up front.
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You can pay to remove ads for $2.99 on bejeweled classic.

She may like Threes which you only pay for once. Cute with sounds on especially. Less glittery.
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Seconding Zookeeper DX. Works fine on my iPhone 7.
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Omg amazing post title.
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I will second Threes. Great game. :)
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