What caused this small scratch or bite that bruised?
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Yesterday morning I went for a casual walk. When I got home and undressed I noticed this strange cut about three inches below my collarbone, and it was already starting to bruise. Could this be some kind of very straight bug bite?

This area was covered by my sweatshirt jacket and a t-shirt, and was not in contact with my bra, which has no metal in that area anyway. I never felt anything, and while it looks like it may have bled a little I couldn’t tell on the black fabrics near it. It seems unlikely that I’d have cut myself like this, through all that fabric, without noticing, but it doesn’t look like a bug bite. It doesn’t hurt but feels a little bruised if you press it. And if you can’t tell in the photo, it’s between 1/8” - 1/4” long.
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You're positive I didn't occur before your walk? I ask because I often find days-old nicks and scratches and have no idea of their causes. Like, "Did I stab myself with the grapefruit spoon?"
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Response by poster: As positive as I can be. With or without blood, it looked fresh.
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Best answer: That's the kind of thing I get when my cat clings, and I often don't think about it until I notice the scratch later. If your shirt weren't covering that area I'd think maybe a branch from a tree had a sharper edge and you walked by it and thought briefly "ow" but dismissed it. Barring those things, no idea! Never have seen a straight line bug bite.
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Did you have an ingrown hair or pimple? If you scratched while walking it could've ripped open. I have a cut in nearly the same spot that looks exactly the same, and I've ripped it a few times lately by unconsciously scratching at it while it heals.
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I get bruising like that when I've pinched myself. Could you have somehow pinched just a little bit of skin there?
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Did you catch skin in zipper?
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Best answer: I agree with the cat idea. I have several of those little cuts in various places at any given time, without ever registering that one of my guys got me in passing. If you have a cat, I’m betting on that. Otherwise, I can’t imagine, but it looks like no bug bite I’ve ever seen.
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Best answer: Okay I have no idea what caused it, but I had a very similar cut a few months ago on my collarbone that has morphed into a scar that freaks me out every time I notice it. I'm going to jump on "the cat did it" bandwagon simply for my own peace of mind.
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Best answer: My legs are covered in marks like that at the moment, and it's because I have a kitten and when she uses me as a diving platform, her claws go straight through clothes, especially knits, and the clothes show zero sign of her having done anything but my legs are a mess. So, yeah. That position to me looks entirely consistent with "you picked up and held a cat against your shoulder and the cat dug in with back claws". That said, especially if your skin is really dry at this time of year, you might have been able to do that with even just your own fingernail if you scratched in the right place, especially if your nails are even a tiny big ragged, and winter walking plus dry skin can cause itching pretty easily.
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Best answer: 1. omg I've been misgendering you all this time

2. yes that looks exactly like a cat wound
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Response by poster: Well, even though it’s not like my usual cat scratches that must be the answer. Thanks all! (Obligatory picture of naughty kitty.)
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Oh, I get scratches like that from my guinea pigs climbing on me, but they never bruise.
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