I Want To Take My Girl To See Classical Piano in NY - Where?
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I want to take my girlfriend to see live classical piano music in NYC or within 50 miles north. Details inside

I have seen lots of live music, but not a tone of classical. Where in NY can I take her to see people perform Beethoven, Chopin, ETC.

I know that Carnegie Hall has some stuff coming up. It is a large venue. Are there seats that aren't great as far as seeing the stage? Is the sound good throughout? What is the attire?

Is there another resource to find these types of shows? I would like to see someone with some level of proficiency and ideally something within the next couple/few months that isn't super expensive.

Thank you in advance
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Carnegie Hall has three separate concert halls: the Main Hall, the Recital Hall and the Chamber Music Hall. The attire is respectful, but no mandatory policy.

In the Main Hall, the sweet spot (visibility vs. cost) for seating seems to be the front seats in the Second Tier. There's a wide range in the price of seats. The sound is good throughout.
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Alternatively, you can look at the Lincoln Center calendar.
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I was going to suggest the Manhattan School for Music performance calendar (because I had family who used to go there) but while looking at that I ran into a website called PIANYC which is focused on piano in NYC.
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The CUNY Graduate Center in Midtown has a lot of classical music events, usually informal and inexpensive, occasionally free. For instance, here's a search for piano, or check out the calendar.
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92nd Street Y
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While you are looking at Lincoln Center, don’t forget Julliard concerts. They are inexpensive (sometimes free), and the performances are just amazing.

As to attire, there are no longer many rules, so neat, clean, and comfortable. Some of the theaters are chilly, especially this time of year, so bring an extra sweater. And have fun.
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Bargemusic in Brooklyn. You can potentially pair it with a reservation at River Cafe, if you're looking for something special.
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