What is the name of this (post-rock?) track, and who is it by?
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I have a (post-rock?) song in my library that I downloaded years ago, and would love to know who it's by, so that I can purchase it, and maybe the album it's from and, oh, possibly their entire back catalog.

I downloaded this song years ago, possibly as far back as the Internet's Wild West days of Limewire, Bearshare and so on, and I think the artist may have been (incorrectly) tagged as Tortoise.

Shazam, SoundHound, Tuneify etc have been no help. I tried Googling the purported name "Gloria" and of course there are 87 kajillion songs called Gloria, none of which is this one. I've tried searching for the vocodered lyrics that I can discern, but to no avail.

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Also - please forgive if this was submitted under the wrong category.
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For anyone else trying to identify: I tried to run the most comprehensible lyrics through Google (i.e., It feels like/It finally feels like/I'm Gloria) with no luck.
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Thank you kuanes - what I think I can make out is:

I cannot go forth/forward (?)
It feels like
My greatest days
Are gone

FWIW, it sounds to me like the vocalist is probably North American, or is at least doing a good imitation of a North American accent.
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I came up with some of the same lyrics as kcds

It reminds me of the band Air (sonically). I really don't think that it is Tortoise

It may just be somebody that created that song and uploaded it.
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Maybe one of guys over at http://www.obscuresound.com/ could help. They have a great back catalog of really great music.
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I can't ID the song but it almost sounds like a Trans Am demo...they have a massive catalog that's filled with stuff like this.
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Similarly, my first thought was that it sounds like Trans Am.
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I’ve posted the link to the analog heaven mailing list to see if they know, I’m starting from a solvent/lowfish angle and working my way out from there. I feel like it’s part of a musical vein of early 2000’s analog synth musicians. I’ll keep y’all posted.
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Thank you windbox and tomp - oddly enough, Trans Am was one of my guesses too, but I couldn't find a match. Maybe it is a demo though. Either way, I do love this track.

Annika Cicada - thank you for that. Looking forward to hearing back from you if you learn anything more about the track.
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