Do you cry when you poop?
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It's almost Christmas so let's talk about our bathroom habits.

A lot of times when I go to the bathroom, I shed tears. The more intense the bathroom need, the more tears. There is no emotional component, just physical. It's been happening my whole life, but I never see anyone else wiping tears away when they leave a bathroom stall. Am I alone? Or is everyone hiding this habit??
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You are not alone. It's happened to me on many occasions. Not sure what it is. Pretty sure others experience it as well. Just means you're really emptying the tank, hahaha. But in all seriousness again I think it's normal.
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I don't do this, but if I did, I wouldn't be worried about it. They're both a way in which your body excretes stuff.
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Are the tears from pain? If so, you might want to adjust your diet... Or are they just from the physical release?
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It makes sense that some people would produce tears while using the toilet because lacrimation and defecation are both mediated by the parasympathetic nervous system. Your PNS just happens to be set up so that a signal intended to trigger one triggers both.
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Just as a data point, pooping causing crying is as much news to me as running causing pooping was, eg very much news.
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No, but I have had more than one lover who cried when they had an orgasm, in a completely "this is just a parallel physical thing my body is doing and not an emotional reaction at all."
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This happened to me sometimes when I was a kid.
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Are we talking sobbing or tears or both?

Anyway, I often shed a few large tears when yawning, the bigger the yawn the more likely and more voluminous.
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I just recently learned that pooping stimulates the vagus nerve, which in turn stimulates all kinds of other weird body reactions.
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Not crying, but my nose gets runny. Another parasympathetic nervous system thing I guess.

It sucks because that is the time I least want my nose to be functioning normally, and yet I have to blow my nose, which guarantees it.
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I cry when I’m very tired, even without any yawning. Not an emotional thing at all, just tears dripping everywhere. Bodies are weird.
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Literally right now
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Count me in as another tiredcrier. I've had to explain to people that no, I'm not upset or sad, just tired. I think it's just the body letting stuff out.
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Pooping & vagus nerve. The vagus nerve controls and is associated with a bunch of stuff, like heart rate. I found this interesting but not real surprising. Note: Americans/ Westerners tend to be chronically constipated, so adding bran and vegetable fiber to diet for a couple weeks and seeing if it makes a difference is not a bad idea, especially if you are straining.
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I'm exactly the way you describe, only with urination. The more urgent the pee, the fatter the tears, literally rolling down my face. I've always humorously thought of them as tears of relief!
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I get this but usually only if it's when I first wake up, and usually after I sit but before (ahem) anything else starts happening.
Also started when I was a kid.
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Ask your Enteric Nervous System
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I don't cry, but my nose runs like crazy. As soon as the pooping is done, so is the nose running.
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