Book: People can switch with animals
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What I remember: There's a boy who can switch places with animals in so far as he can suddenly swim like a fish, etc.

But there are rules and I think one of them is never to switch with a vulture. He teaches a girl how to switch and she ends up switching with a vulture and then she is stuck in the vulture? Wish I could remember more.
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I think you are thinking of the Animorphs series?
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Switchers by Kate Thompson has a boy and a girl, with when a child who can switch turns fifteen they remain in whatever form they are in.
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Probably not your book, but in The Once and Future King there's a boy who switches places with animals.
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Response by poster: Def wasn't animorphs, and neither of the other suggestions seem to ring a bell. I remember specifically at the end the vulture was in the girls body and the girl was in the vultures body (or similar unwanted ending switch)
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I have read this book and will go dig up the title if I can. Would have been late eighties but maybe not quite nineties? Part of a set of books by the same author I think, all kind of horror genre ish.
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Best answer: Ok, pretty sure it is Christopher Pike, “Spellbound”
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Response by poster: After reading through some of the reviews I'm pretty sure that's it too, totally checking for it at the library

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Yay! Also, that book messed me up. I was fascinated with it.
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