What's the best retail spot carpet cleaner?
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I don't have pets but have cream carpeting and kids.
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I've always liked the Little Green Machine. The extra money for the water-warmer hasn't been helpful because I'm just not patient enough for it to warm up.
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Seconding Little Green Machine. It works surprisingly well. Mine doesn’t have the water warmer; I just use the hottest water from the tap.
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We are pretty happy with the Bissel SpotBot and its accompanying pet detergent. We rarely use the "hands free" mode as it only takes a minute to clean a spot and the majority of the time is heating the water and cleaning the machine afterward. Supposedly there is "Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection" but the hose is basically a microbial theme park of browns, oranges, and greys after 6 months, if that bothers you. Make sure you empty and rinse the dirty water tank after every use, and leave it open so it dries. Otherwise you'll get hellacious mold on it. But it does the job.
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Response by poster: I should have wrote "aerosol spot cleaner" but now I'm rethinking that. Are the powered spot cleaners the way to go?
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Best answer: Folex. Works on all stains.
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Best answer: We've always used the aerosol version of Spot Shot. And I do have pets, the sort that make a beeline for the carpeting when they feel the urge to vomit or have uncontrollable diarrhea.
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Another vote for the Bissell little green machine. This is the newer version of the one I have. I have a sick cat who pukes copious amounts regularly and 1400sq ft of carpet. It's saved my sanity.
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Wirecutter says: Bissell SpotClean Pro
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Best answer: Spot shot
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Best answer: Folex. Works on upholstery as well.
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Best answer: Spot Shot. I literally just sat down and read this post after spot-treating the remains of the second pile of barf I’ve had to clean up today. My carpet would be a crime scene without it.
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Best answer: Oh, as far as the cleansers go, Resolve can go jump in a lake. I think the Scrubbing Bubbles one was okay, but fundamentally you need to get the soil out of the carpet, and that means dissolving it in something (soap and water) and using a wet vac to remove it.
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Best answer: Folex. Non-toxic, no fragrance, doesn't attract more dirt. Magic.
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Best answer: Spot Shot is the choice of many carpet professionals. Spray and blot with white paper towels = done.
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Response by poster: I found some Folex at a big box store and like it. It's effective and non-aerosol to boot.
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