Which stove top waffle iron should I buy?
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I'm looking for a stove top (non-electric) waffle maker. I would prefer a standard (versus Belgian) size, cast iron (will also accept cast aluminum but prefer no non-stick) and made in the U.S.A. I've seen the Rome one, but prefer not made in China. NordicWare has several options and I'm overwhelmed trying to pick the right one. Price is not a consideration within reason (I do not want to buy a $200 waffle maker). Please point me in the right direction!
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If you're willing to hit up craigslist, antique markets, or ebay there are a number of vintage, good condition cast iron waffle makers that range everywhere from $50 on up. There's a Griswold one in my metro area for $80. Ebay has a ton that seem to be going for about $50-75.
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As far as I can tell if you want a cast iron waffle iron you have to buy an antique or something from China. Do note that many of the antiques aren't flat on the bottom which isn't ideal for use on electric stovetops.

The NordicWare waffle iron that you can buy new has some kind of non-stick coating. I have one of these NordicWare waffle irons from the 1970s; it works great.
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Seconding a Griswold. Get one on eBay.
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