What is this novel about a man traveling to a distant society?
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What is the title of this novel I thought looked interesting when I saw it in a bookstore a few months ago? A man travels to a distant and very foreign place - maybe to study the culture or maybe to help or educate the people. I feel like the title was along the lines of The [Something] World or All the [Something] Things, where [Something] is a word or phrase with positive connotations.

The description on the book made it sound as if the place he was going might actually be on another planet. But I may have read something into it that wasn't intended. I think he stays there for a fairly long time and becomes immersed in the culture, having unexpected experiences, changing his world view, maybe falling in love with someone there. He leaves behind a wife or girlfriend back where he came from. In the opening scene, she is driving him to the airport. (In London?) One of them would like to stop at a hotel for goodbye sex but the other one is thinking about something else entirely.
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Is it The Book of Strange New Things?

(It’s a really good book.)
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Yes! That's definitely it. Thank you!
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I wonder if getting the right answer in two minutes is some kind of record?
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