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What's a gift that an artist working on an iPad would appreciate?

I'm searching for a last minute additional gift for my brother, who dabbles in iPad art. I know he got a new iPad Pro this year, and I assume the pencil or whatever stylus he wanted. He uses it at home mostly. What else would be useful and is easily procured? Aiming for something around $50.
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Best answer: I use an iPad Pro (12.9") for drawing. I personally have and enjoy...
this snap-on backing plus this hand strap that locks into it, which lets me hold the tablet securely with one hand
this felt carrying case, which has a good number of pockets and can double as a stand
this weird half-glove that lets the edge of my hand and two fingers glide across the screen, while keeping my pencil-gripping fingers uncovered
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Does he have a case that would also serve as a prop/easel? In addition to protecting the ipad, it prevents the need for finding something to prop it against to watch videos, and reduces strain on the hands from holding the device for too long. (I watch lots of artist videos on mine.)
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Do you know which apps he uses? I found that the quality apps for drawing were quite pricey; and honestly spent probably $40 easily just trying different ones out, so an iTunes giftcard would have actually been really appreciated.

If he's into any tutorials/artists series, often they'll have materials for sale online (I'm thinking of calligraphy templates, but I've also seen them for digital brushes)

Otherwise, for tangible things, I second a really nice case.
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I just got one myself, and the interaction between the Pencil and the screen is very...slippery. It doesn't feel right. I picked up a Tech Armor Anti-Glare screen protector, and it feels a lot closer to the texture of paper now.

And if you get a case, make sure it has Pencil storage.
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