"Film Look" with apple products
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I've been obsessed with "Film Look" since it's been a thing in the 90s-- where video has been modified to look like cinematic film. I want to make some clips that look like this. How do I do this with an iPhone 7 and a MacBook Pro, for pretty cheap (<$20).?
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You can do it natively in iMovie, unless I miss your meaning.
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Do you mean like telenovela versus Hollywood blockbuster? Like that "filmed on a camcorder" look?
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Or do you mean converting to 24p - in the 90s, particularly, a filmic look was attempted by removing one of the two interlaced frames (or fields), making video that ran at 24 frames per second rather than ... 60? was it? A lot more than 24, anyway.

If I remember correctly Red Dwarf was a series that tried to look filmic by this method, with mixed success. There was certainly a lot of push-back from people I knew online at the time who were obsessive about both Red Dwarf and the minutiae of television production.
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