Kid friendly tours in Port Limón, Costa Rica?
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Yay - we're going to Costa Rica! Sad panda - we'll only be there for one day .What would be the most kid friendly way to make the of our little time there?

We'll have one full day (9ish hrs) in Port Limón, CR as part of a cruise we're doing over the holidays. We have 2 small children, 6&5. There are a number of excursions through the boat, but they don't really seem small child friendly, so I'm looking for personal recommendations.

As an example of what I'm wrestling with, a lot of the excursions involve a boat trip through the Tortuguero Canals. I know they are supposed to be worth seeing, but the reviews I read are mixed, it's really about whether nature cooperates with your schedules. We did a Mangrove boat excursion in FL last spring and while it was amazing for the adults, my kids were bored and we eventually just gave them some devices to keep them quiet. Same with a boat cruise in Seattle. I'm trying to keep that from happening again. I'm also a little worried that the same thing might happen in the rainforest if we do something like a tram, I can't tell whether the people who didn't enjoy it in the reviews should have just stayed on the boat or if it may be boring for the younger set. A place where they can experience the environment and also be free to run around a bit might be perfect, if that even exists.

It seems like the best bet may be to arrange a customized tour with a private company onland, so I'm looking for personal recs of destinations and operators. Jaguar Rescue Center? Sloth sanctuary? Canals? Rain forest Tram? I've read through trip advisor reviews and again, couldn't really find anything relevant to my kids ages. Thanks for your help!
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You might ask this on the subreddit /r/costa_rica
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Do not give the Sloth Sanctuary your money, please.
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