Authoritative text in business continuity/disaster recovery?
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Is there an authoritative or foundational text in business continuity/disaster recovery? I'm an instructional designer working on writing a foundational e-learning course in business continuity but my source material is inadequate.

I'm creating an e-learning course from content (some MS Word docs and PowerPoint slides) that is currently used by instructors teaching the classroom based face-to-face course. Those instructors are experts and easily fill the gaps in the content from their own experience and expertise. I have access to the SMEs, but it's limited and frankly, I'm still at the stage where I don't know what I don't know. I've asked if there is a foundational or authoritative text in business continuity and have been told it doesn't exist, or that all the ones available are terrible. Is that really true? If you're a BCP, could you recommend a text?
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Send me a message with your email I will send you one I wrote.
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I'm not specifically in the field, but have never seen a book referenced as a definitive text. I'll mention that business continuity/disaster recovery is one of the domains that are part of the CISSP certification, so any CISSP books are going to cover some material, if you are just looking for a primer. There is also DRI, the Disaster Recovery Institute, which has its own set of certifications and reference materials. Finally, there is an organization called the Business Continuity Institute (I don't know anything about that one). Good luck, I hope that helps.
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