Long distance gift ideas near Amsterdam
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My fabulous young-adult niece is nannying near Amsterdam, in Amstelveen. We very belatedly remembered that we hadn’t sent her a gift-it’s her first Christmas away from her folks and we’d like to let her know we are thinking of her. We are in the US. When asked, the only thing her mom could suggest is iTunes gift cards-any other ideas? Anything local we can buy from afar? She loves music, the arts (dance and theater) and has really enjoyed exploring Europe.
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How about a membership to the Rijksmuseum? It's 50 Euros for a year.
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bol.com is petty similar to Amazon in the Netherlands, so a bol.com gift card is a practical gift. Alternatively, zalando.nl is similar to Zappos, so that might be a good choice if she's into fashion. The Dutch word for gift card is cadeaubon, which might help with Googling.
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Contact me if you'd like my help to order a Museumkaart. It's €59.90 (cheaper if she's less than 19 years old) and gives her unlimited admission to 400 musea for a year, including the Rijksmuseum, so it's a great deal; unfortunately the website is in Dutch only and the card can only be bought by someone with a Dutch bank account. I'll be happy to help.
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I agree, a Museumkaart is a great idea.
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Response by poster: Thank you all -and wow, too-Ticky-thank you so much for that amazing offer. Trying to find out from her mom if she has one of the cards already.
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