How can I find what happened to a domain I bought two years ago?
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I bought a domain on sale two years ago. I since forgot and just remembered. I went to check up on it, then realized I don't remember what registrar I bought it through. I searched my various email accounts and can't find anything about it. I also tried logging into old registrars I used to use. I am fairly sure I bought it. Various whois sites say that it's reserved by the registrar and that's it. Any ideas about what else I can search?
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Based on chat logs, I see that I bought it on Friday, January 30, 2015. I have no idea what I can do with that information.
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When you run a whois, there should be a "Registrar:" entry that will tell you which registrar registered the domain. You need to renew a domain yearly, though you can pay up front for a number of years. Often registrars will "Squat" a domain after it expires, in the hopes that they can resell it for big bucks.

Did you let it expire?
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What shows up when you go to the URL for the domain? Often it will have a landing page that identifies the registrar if no one has set up a landing page.

Also, can you check your bank accounts or credit card statements for that month?
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Get your credit card statement for January 2015. That should tell you.
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I am assuming I set it up to auto-renew, but I have not gotten any notices, so perhaps I didn't? Or they have the wrong email address.

Currently, the domain does not resolve to an IP address. When I look it up in Hover (current registrar), it says that it is owned and that I can make an offer to buy it, so someone has it.

Thanks for reminding me about statements! I bought it through, using an email I forgot about. It seems they've never emailed me about renewals. I sent a message to their support to find out what the deal is.
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Gandi are my registrar and I've been with them for a long time. They tend to be pretty responsive to emails though they are in France so it can sometimes take a while. They're not relentless upsellers like many US registrars so there is a good chance it wasn't set to auto-renew.
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They got back to me and apparently they do notify about renewals and did so in 2016. However, by then I had done this big switch to Hover. During that switch, I let go of the domain for the email that I had on file with Gandi and forgot that I was using that email for something important.

It was really cool of the Gandi CSR to tell me exactly what happened so I can have closure, though. Enjoy, whichever registrar snapped that up!
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