Is there a way to run Steam on a Mac without it taking over my computer?
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I enjoy Steam games as much as everyone else, but I had to uninstall it recently on my Mac with High Sierra as it kept on opening itself to update. Despite unchecking every "run at startup" option I could find, the dumb thing insisted on opening EVERY time I restarted the computer. Is there a way to guarantee Steam will never open without my consent?
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Best answer: System Preferences > Users & Groups > USER > Login Items
Remove the items you don't want to run by selecting them and clicking the minus button.
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Best answer: Just checking on this, in case this is the issue, but when you restart, is the option to reopen current windows checked, and is Steam open when you tell the Mac to restart?

If not, axismundi has it.
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Response by poster: Strangely, Steam's own startup checkbox (in the app's preferences) seemed to work after reinstalling Steam this time. I should clarify that the problem began when I upgraded from El Capitan to High Sierra. Fingers crossed...
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