Weed filter: Help me find the vaporizer of my snowflake-y dreams
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I’m looking for a tabletop vaporizer that works best with a whip not a bag. Is hands free. Isn’t super finicky- I don’t want to have to stir or refill the bowl frequently. Isn’t harsh and is good for a social experience- two people using it hookah style. This is my holiday gift to myself so I’m not super price sensitive. Just want it to be awesome. Recommendations?

This is legal where I live but if you’d rather message me directly, go for it!

Bonus points for aesthetics and water filtration but definitely secondary to the other points.
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Many people don't like Reddit with good reason, but the Vaporents subreddit has extensive reviews of vaporizers and specs and all kinds of stuff like that. Many of the reviewers have used many different vaporizers and styles of vaporizers. Check the right hand side for links to reviews and spreadsheets.
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Water filtration can be added to any setup, sometimes in ways that are not even ugly. I would leave that until later, because a nice vaporizer can be pleasant without any additional cooling.

I would recommend the Arizer Extreme Q. It can do a bag or a whip, and does both very well. Temperature controls mean that it is no harsher than you want it to be, and efficiency in any vaporizer is so much better than combustion that they will all be great. The bowl is... normal sized? I think that one bowl (not stirred) is more than plenty for two people, but tolerances vary.

Plus, it's the one that Cosima from Orphan Black uses.

I think that it meets all of your criteria, but then I think that many of them will.
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The Volcano is an extremely well made classic!
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The Arizer Extreme Q is great - no need to pay Volcano prices. Their customer service is A+ and I've had one for over 7 years and only ever have to replace the power cord (Toshiba laptop cords work fine for it - knock-offs are $15), screens, and a glass piece I was careless with.
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