RoomShare niceties in Madrid are... not so nice
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my daughter has been living in Spain for 6 years but last yr moved to Madrid. Her room mates are throwing her out just before Christmas because her work schedule means she can no longer be as active in the apartment as she once was, even though this wass not a requirement.

She found a roomshare with 5 people and as a young Irish woman was hugely welcomed not least because she would cook up a storm once a week at her own expense for the group.

She was the routine go to for translations and English help when she had time although that was not part of the bargain, just her trying to be helpful to her roommates.

One other English speaker member was a dead loss, wouldn't clean up after himself, took offense when this was pointed out, didn't pay utilities on time...etc.,

Things changed for my daughter with a promotion at work and her decision to take the DELE, meaning 60 hour weeks.

Last night the 3 Spanish roommates said she & 'dead loss guy" have to move out within a month for reasons of 'convivencia' her case she's no longer lighthearted and is too quiet and is never there as she works so much.

she's obviously devastated, it turns out 2 of the Spanish roommates have friends moving to Madrid for jobs staring in Jan which she accidentally discovered because she's still on the WhatsApp group for the roomshare.

AS she is not on the contract, she obviously has no rights, and really who would want to live with people who would do that knowing you're going home for 2 of the next 4 weeks with Christmas break?

Outside the usual Craigslist equivalent, are there any sources she can try? I know that many students who, for example, decide not to return to school from the Christmas break... Is there a way we can plug into that information while she is back home?

we both speak fluent Spanish, but she hasn't been long enough in Madrid to develop the kind of networks that might help.
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Maybe she could do an airbnb while looking for other accommodations? How did she find this one originally?
And it is a good idea to be on the lease.
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When I was living as an expat in the Netherlands, I found Expatica invaluable. They have a Spain site, and these are the housing options that come up in their housing search for room+Madrid+rent.

Good luck to your daughter, this is a disappointing situation.
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She could try the Facebook group called "auxiliares en Madrid" or something similar. I lived there a few years ago and saw lots of rooms advertised in that group... It is supposed to be for "auxiliares" but it has become the go-to group for young expats in Madrid.
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I've used idealista to find shared places to live in spain. You can see here the search for ads for rooms posted in the last week in Madrid-capital.
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