What show about young artists/loft squatters did I watch on PBS in 84/85
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When I was in high school I saw a few episodes of a show on PBS (in the U.S.) that was taped in, I think, the UK. This was based on my interpretation of the character's accents so I could be off on exact location.

The show seemed to revolve around some young creative types (dancers, maybe visual artists and/or other types of performers as well). At least a couple of the characters lived in a loft and may have been squatters.

The thing that stood out the most to me at the time was there was a lot post-punk music used as a soundtrack in the show, particularly (or possibly even exclusively?) stuff by The Fall

Did I hallucinate this?
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Was this a documentary? Aspects of it sort of sound like the Young Ones, but that was a sitcom.
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Best answer: It sounds a bit like 'Hail the New Puritan', but that was a single (fakish) documentary rather than an episodic show.
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Response by poster: YES! that is it! last link kinda nsfw

I caught only small bits of it at a time so it was probably broadcast multiple days and I assumed it was a miniseries of some sort. Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: If anyone is interested, here's the entire piece (85 minutes long) on ubuweb
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If you like that, there's an awful lot more in the Leigh Bowery documentary. Bowery and Clark were close collaborators during that period, so there's a lot of overlap between them.
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