Mail-Order Mochi in the US?
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I am traveling to the US and I want Mochi sweets. Particularly, I want daifuku mochi - that delicious sweet red bean paste wrapped up in white rice flour dough. There are no local sources of Mochi where I will be staying. Who sells really good mochi sweets by post? I need classic red-bean-paste treats, but am happy to hear about sources for other varieties as well! (please assume that a) pre-fab factory stuff from a supermarket does not interest me and b) making my own is not an option.)
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I can't recommend a mail-order service, having never tried one, but the mochi available in supermarkets near me (LA) is fresh. It comes packaged in styrofoam platters covered with saran wrap like this and is made on site or in a local bakery. So, don't necessarily turn down supermarket mochi :)
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Where are you traveling? "The US" is pretty huge -- there may be someplace not local enough to go to, but local enough to ship fresh from.
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I will be in Reno, Nevada.
acidic - thanks for the suggestion, but i have asked and been told that local stores only sell the boxed factory-made stuff. If anyone lives in Reno and can tell me otherwise, that would be fantastic!
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From a quick yelp search, a highly-rated American mochi place is Fugetsu-Do. They do ship, although not daifuku, but perhaps it can still scratch that itch?

From that, it seems like you might do well looking up specific restaurants and then looking into whether they ship. Most specialty food stores do.
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I was just about to mention Fugetsu-do - I bet if you called them and told them what you need, they could hook you up.
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I see that there's one Chinese bakery in town, Honey Bakery, and while I don't see any photos of mochi, it looks like the type of place that might carry it judging from their other offerings. And certainly they will have other stuff with red bean.
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I came here to suggest Fugetsu-do as well. In the past, they were able to put together a custom order for me, but I don't know about now, you'd have to give them a call. Their stuff is pretty delicious.
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From a quick look at the Fugetsu-do menu and Japan Super links, I think the closest item to what you're looking for is Habutai, described as "white mochi with sweet red beans inside."
(It sounds different from the traditional habutae I'm used to but should have that sort of silky mochi texture.)
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Minamoto Kitchoan? They offer some items for delivery but they have a much larger selection in store.

In case you are near a Mitsuwa, the ones I've been to had at least one sweets store in the building.
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How are you traveling to Reno? If you're flying in to Las Vegas/McCarran, the easiest thing might be to stop off in Vegas and pick up some mochi for the road. There are a lot of good options there. Crown Bakery might work but there are lots of spots in Chinatown too.
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