Tuxedo-friendly group dining in Austin, TX
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I'm looking for a Tuxedo-friendly restaurant in Austin (preferably in or around Downtown) that can accommodate a group of 8-10 people. I'm looking to spend $60/couple. Thanks!
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Castle Hill Cafe
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Is Tuxedo-friendly some sort of a code? Like you're all gay, vegan, furries, or something? I'm asking this seriously, I can't imagine a restaurant being unfriendly to people wearing Tuxedos. Google doesn't show much of use.
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I've been told that Jeffery's of Austin is exactly what you are looking for.
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or Flemings.
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Jeffrey's is very nice, but probably more than $30/head (especially is booze is involved). Look for a place with private rooms so you can, essentially, create your own ambience. Louis' 106 on 6th has 'em (and is good); I'm sure many others do too, but they're not coming to mind.
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Tuxedo-friendly means that I don't want to walk into a McDonald's or Chili's wearing my tux as its simply not befitting.
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Sorry I read $60 per person. You might want to look at wink or roaring fork. They are a little less expensive. You are going to be hard pressed to find a restaurant in Austin that you feel comfortable in a tuxedo in for that price.
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