Fleet Vehicle Tracking via iPhone
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Can anyone recommend an iPhone app for fleet vehicle tracking?

I’ve got a tourism bus business and I’m trying to figure out a way I can make sure multiple people know where each bus is at any given moment. I don’t want to buy a new gps device, because each bus already has a dedicated iPhone on board. I need to share the location to iPhones as well as android or at least a web link. I know there are lots of apps out there but none seem to be targeted to business.
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What do you need that Find my Friends won't do? Assuming all the busses are friends with each other :-)
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Who is your provider, and do you have a business account with them? Years ago when I managed the cell phones at a company that had fleet vehicles, Verizon pitched us a vehicle tracking service. That was definitely business-focused.
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Have you looked into Fleetio Drive?
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My company uses geotabs for telematics but they have a very large number of delivery vehicles and types. It may be overkill for you.
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