Finding a family medicine doc GP in NYC
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I’ve gone at this backwards, but after seeing several specialists to deal with health stuff, I realize I should probably have one provider in NYC who keeps track of all of my stuff.

Me: female, add, anxious, serious trauma background, severe endometriosis, an earache that the ENT would not address beyond commenting that I have eczema in my ear and for other reasons should see a derm (to be fair we were focusing on my frequent and severe nosebleeds, and that was addressed well), got a recent derm visit for mole check and treatment for very irritated skin, and the IUD discomfort is ongoing while we work on the plan (I’m impatient but things are still better than they were before the nose recent surgery).

Thank you all for your recent suggestions. I’m working really hard to keep taking care of myself and let go of some of the bad feelings I associate with healthcare.

I need a doc who will take me seriously, accepts Aetna, and is preferably near the N/R. My surgeon is ok with me transferring back my gyn care, so a gyn/GP/internist is fine too.

In a perfect world I could be seen this week or next, as I’ve met my deductible and I’m increasingly anxious.
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What I really like about my PCP, Dr. Michael Bagner, is that he takes reported distress seriously. I had some neuropathic pain after a major surgery and I know that many doctors, especially male doctors, would have brushed it off or told me to do yoga or something. He was more interested in seeing what interventions might help without disproportionate side effects than going over a checklist of symptoms and writing the pain off if I didn't fit into a known condition. He took Aetna back when I had it, though I haven't checked since. He's at 48th & 8th, so close to the 49th St stop.

I will say that I am not in love with some of his office staff. However, these days you can do much more of the interaction online.
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I have mentioned in several threads that One Medical has been a godsend for me. Amazing doctors at various locations around the city, all of which you have access to. Same day appointments, sometimes same-hour appointments. Very organized, great followup. Holistic practice--they have really taken the time to sit with me and go over ALL of my health concerns. Most of the doctors I've seen there are young committed women (I mean, young for doctors, like 30s and 40s). There is a $200 yearly fee, but it has been so so worth it after bouncing around from doctor to doctor for years.
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Sunrise Medical might be worth a try if Brooklyn is feasible. They're a short walk from Atlantic Terminal. The practice uses a secure messaging system so I can message physicians directly instead of making or returning phone calls, which is fantastic and far less anxiety-provoking for me. (It also provides updates on lab tests and access to patient notes!) Ronald Dailey is my GP; he's been very approachable and is good at listening to concerns and addressing them proactively (both in person and generally in less than 24 hours via the text message system, which again, IS THE BEST AND I LOVE IT). I've also seen Adenike Auguste for gyn care there and she was also great -- next-day availability when I wanted to schedule, a great bedside manner, AND the least-painful pap smear I have ever had. Bloodwork is in-house, and they have a very easy in-house referral system if you need a specialist or further imaging.

Pretty sure they take Aetna. You can book with them on Zocdoc, which is currently showing plenty of availability tomorrow and all week.
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+1 for One Medical
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+2 One Medical.
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+3 for One Medical. Have always had great experiences with them.
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Done. I have an appointment for this Friday at 3.

Thank you all. This has been a huge relief.
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