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I'm heading up the coast to see TMBG do their two nights in San Francisco at the Fillmore in March. Where should I stay?

so every website wants to give me ratings and distance from the destination and blah blah blah blah but i trust you, green, to help me find where i SHOULD stay while i'm the town for the giants shows.

i still haven't decided if i'm driving or flying yet, so there's flexibility with the need for parking. i want to get out on my open day, but don't need to be close to anything in particular. i have no special places i need to go while i'm there. should i stay close to the venue? is the area sketch?
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Best answer: Stay in Japantown. Either the Kabuki or Buchanan hotels will be nice & make lots of great eating options as well as your shows walkable. There's no good way to get around parking costs in most SF hotel situations, so factor in that cost before you think that driving is a big saver.
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Best answer: Quince is totally right that Japantown would be the most convenient to the venue and adjacent to a great shopping district, etc.

But I was just thinking yesterday that Sleep Over Sauce doesn't get enough attention. It too is in a fun area with great restaurants and while it's not really as walkable to the Fillmore, it makes up for that by being very inexpensive by SF standards.
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Best answer: The Kabuki is a good option. If you don’t drive, it’s near a couple of good bus lines (the 2 Clement will take you right to Green Apple Books! and the 22 Fillmore will drop you at 16th and Valencia!) and it’s not that expensive.
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Best answer: I manage a small hotel within walking distance to the Fillmore. I'll PM you :)
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