NTSC color bars via Pantone?
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We're making some promo items (hats, shirts, ect.) that will have color bars on them. The embroiderer wants the colors specified in Pantone numbers. I don't know...

It seems you can't just say "80% white, yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, blue," she wants numbers. I don't really need a perfect match, but I'd like them to look real. I'm a little over my head here.
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SMPTE bars are 75% not 80%.

I can express that in RGB:
white = FFFFFF (or 255-255-255)
yellow = FFFF00 (0r 255-255-0)
(You can literally google "yellow in RGB".)

If you want 75% intensity, change each FF pair to BF (or 255 to 191).

Then google "RGB to Pantone".
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This has the RGB values of Video Color Bars

And this can convert RGB to Pantone.
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If you know any graphic designers or screenprinters, they should have a Pantone swatchbook that you could swing by and consult (assuming your embroiderer isn't in town).

Colors on screen are completely different than colors in real life, so finding a set of colors that look right in real life will be worth it, and give you and the embroiderer a common frame of reference. Once you find yourself a Pantone book in real life and spend a couple minutes with it, I think everyone will feel more comfortable about moving forward with this project.
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