Help moving TypePad to Movable Type?
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I am looking to switch my blog to TypePad a hosted Movable Type, but am having problems transferring the style sheet.

Any tips for moving templates and stylesheets from TypePad into Movable Type? I thought I could just plus the code in from one to the other, but while it gets the basic elements (font, colors) right, it screws up the (really simple, two-column) layout.
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What does your TypePad stylesheet look like? Do you have a link to your blog?

Assuming your TypePad template was already using standards for the layout (i.e. not tables) it could be as easy as renaming a couple of classes or ids.
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Know that there are overall general stylesheets that TypePad loads for each blog, beyond the ones for a particular theme. Lots of conditions for different browers and column confiurations.
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