How can I buy wind-up mechanisms?
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I want to make my own wind-up toys, by which I mean I want to make things and stick wind-up mechanisms inside them. Metal visible parts strongly preferred, but other than that I don't need anything fancy - fancy things I don't need include antique parts, expensive kits or wholesale quantities. I just know there are lots of cheap wind-up toys, so I'd like to think there's some way to buy the mechanism for a similar price.
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I found these on eBay.
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If you have a Michaels craft store nearby, you can see if they carry them. They had music box components when I looked recently, so perhaps they have wind up parts.
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I looked for "spring motors," "wind-up motors," and, finally, "clockwork motors," before I hit upon anything useful. Here's a couple links:

Classic Tin Toy Co.

(uk) ebay: 10 Clockwork motors with keys

Have to say that I am surprised there seems to be no common supplier of clockwork motors although I found many clockwork spring suppliers.
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American Science and Surplus was made for this question.
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