Fun Christmas morning food to order
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I'm looking for ideas for things to eat on Christmas morning that are special, tasty, and that I can order in advance, for a party of 2. Does such a thing exist? No restrictions, doesn't even have to be "breakfasty", just throw your ideas at me.

I just don't like cooking. So looking for the best things to order. I live in the Bay area so maybe there's something around here I can order and pick up? Or order and have shipped.

Maybe something kind of unique, special, out of the ordinary? Where ordinary is like, cinnamon rolls, french toast, eggs, sausage, etc. For example last year I picked up some different styles of paté at a Duty Free shop and we just sat around eating that all morning.
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I don‘t know if that‘s unique or special enough for you but lots of places offer Tamales for the holidays...
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention, I would prefer specifics.
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If you like oysters and don't live where you can get them easily, you can have them delivered! They're fun and definitely feel special and kinda decadent to be eating in the morning.
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Panettone! You wouldn’t have to order one; you could pick it up before Christmas. Trader Joe’s usually has them, or other upscale grocery stores. You can just eat it, or if you’re feeling up to it, you can make French toast out of it. (I’ve never actually had one last long enough to turn into French toast, so don’t worry if you don’t want to cook at all.)
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Search yelp for “Christmas tamales”. Or go down to 24th St. in the mission. La Tacqueria, etc. will all have great tamales.
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Oh, I missed the part where you're in the Bay Area and potentially willing to pick something up. If I were still there, I might pick up a meats tray from Boccalone, a pie from Little Bee, a selection of cheeses from the Cheese Board or Cowgirl Creamery, or oysters and crab from any decent seafood shop. Acme bread to go with all of it. And maybe see if Tartine is offering any awesome holiday breads like panettone.
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My two favourite Christmas meals are both technically Christmas-Eve-meal-type things, and maybe too savoury for breakfast, depending on your tastes, but: tourtiere and posole. Not sure where you'd get tourtiere in the bay area but if you find some, it'd make a fun brunch with maybe a bloody mary on the side. You can get good posole from Nopalito, and probably a bunch of other places in the Mission, too -- wherever you choose, go for the red/rojo (it's most Christmas-y, in my opinion). A lot of places that serve it are likely not open on Christmas, but you could pick it up in advance; it will refrigerate and reheat okay. It is the greatest winter food and it tastes like eating a hug.
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Where To Buy Christmas Tamales In The East Bay...Tamaleria Azteca in Oakland seems to be a popular choice.
You could also get a Cheeseboard Pizza (the half-baked one) and reheat. They‘re open the 23rd, closed 24th-25th.
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The Local Butcher Shop delivers and they have charcuterie platters if you don‘t want to cook a roast yourself.
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If you want to go all out luxe, Harrods is always there with a Christmas Hamper!
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I don't know anything about San Francisco, but creamy marinated Persian feta (maybe with avocado if you're not over that) on thick sourdough toast, sprinkled with a little smoked paprika, sumac or pomegranate seeds and a little chopped mint and fresh parsley is a luxurious and appropriately coloured breakfast.
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I spent one Christmas in the South of France with a family there, and the big special thing (well, at least the most honored of about 8 courses) was a plateau de fruits de mer - a big shellfish platter on ice. I forget everything that was on it but it involved things like shrimp and raw oysters. I imagine there'd be somewhere to buy that in SF the afternoon before - it wouldn't be cheap but it feels extremely special.
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Zingerman's does this very well. You could go traditional with the holiday bread box, patriotic with the new american charcuterie gift box, or outside the box with some reuben sandwich kits. Or any of the other hundreds of things they'll send to you.
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I would look at -- Caviar is like Postmates (or Grubhub, or Eat24, or Seamless) but it's higher end restaurants. I don't live in SF, but where I live, they have a lot of yummy brunch offerings so I bet you can find something there that could be delivered directly to you.
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Zingerman's does this very well.

I was just composing a reply with that very suggestion! They have a couple of breakfast/brunch boxes as well, or just pick and choose what you like. The reubens are famous but any of their breads are fantastic. Other excellent choices are their coffee cakes and cheeses (especially the goat cheeses). And most things ship for a flat rate.
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You could get some amazing Danish pastries (including Danishes, I suppose) from Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame.
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Don’t know the city, but I’d think there’d be a dozen places to get an amazing quiche in a flaky crust. Paired with great coffee and some of the sweet aforementioned goodness, sounds delish.
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