Can you identity this or translate this Russian/other Cyrillic language?
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I need help translating the Cyrillic-alphabet language used on these labels. The labels are attached to the hooves of a few painted wooden horses I inherited from a family member. They are allegedly from Russia, and allegedly produced circa the fall of the USSR; they could very well be from a former USSR country that is not Russia. I have very little information to go on. Any translation assistance, or help identifying these painted horses and where they may have originated, is greatly appreciated.
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Best answer: It appears that they came from this factory in the Russian village Semino. Here's a little more about the painting style the factory specializes in.
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1 says souvenir, horse of a big size, and has some information about where it was made and the address of the factory
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2 is the same but says horse - young instead of horse of a big size.
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Best answer: 1:
Нижегородское ТПО ХП [Nizhny Novgorod (province); I don't know what ТПО ХП stands for]
Ковернинская фабрика [Kovernino factory]
«Хохломский художник» ["The Khokhloma Artist"]
Сувенир [Souvenir]
«Конь большого размера» ["Steed of large dimensions"]

same except
«Конь - молодой» ["Steed - young"]
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ТПО ХП might mean "территориальное производственное объединение" (regional manufacturers association) "художественных промыслов" (art/craft products)
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Response by poster: Thank you guys!
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