Five identical apples, with five identical results?
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Is there any difference between the five care providers (AmeriGroup, CHPW, CCW, Molina, United) offered under WA state Medicaid/Apple Health?

If it matters, CHPW sucked a lot this last year, so a change would be nice but as far as I can see (living in King, 98122) they all offer the same services at the same clinics with the same doctors. Anyone know if there is some difference, or who I can call to ask?
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When we had Apple Health AmeriGroup was fine. My wife had a surgery during that time and there were no issues with AmeriGroup.
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At least in IL Medicaid providers have different physian networks, but all of the networks have lists under find a provider on the respective websites.

Biggest in network differences seems to be in mental health care here. Some are robust others are very lacking.
It is pretty easy to look up and compare.

They all are required to offer the same services. But one form of Medicaid may only have 3 ENTs while another one has 10.
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Response by poster: I guess I should clarify here that we're mostly looking for the best adult vision care (is this even covered ugh I hate navigating insurance coverage), male urology care (for an ongoing issue that was not adequately handled by CHPW this year) and, pie-in-the-sky, access to naturopathy.
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