Wearables and gifts for sufferers of back pain
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Am looking to buy a wearable heat pad for back and shoulder pain... anyone have any particular brand you like? Any other gift ideas for sufferer of said back and shoulder pain also welcome...
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Do you want the kind you microwave/boil/heat in some way and then wear? Or the kind that uses a rechargeable battery?

For the former, my mom has shoulder pain, and likes this one a lot. She'd like to try a battery-powered one because they can be lighter. But, the two we got her both stopped working after a couple months (she uses the heating pad for maybe 30-45 minutes, 3-4x a week). So, I'll be following this thread with interest.
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A Tens machine is great if they don’t already have one.
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If you’re looking for accessory gift ideas, think comfort items. Tea, chocolates, blankets, etc that they can enjoy while laid up.
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There is a divide between microwave/heat up and battery/plug in. In my experience, the first is better if you're using it for around twenty minutes (my favorite brand is elasto-gel). The second works if you need heat for longer periods of time.
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A gift certificate for massage.
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OMG TENS is AMAZING. If you go that route, include some extra pads; you can use them several times, but they do wear out.

One thing I love (besides having plug-in heating pads for both work and home) is those disposable, air-activated stick-on heating pads. I have been finding them at Dollar Tree and just buying 20 at a time -- that way I can keep one in my purse at all times, in case I am not near a "real" one. They are tiny and unobtrusive in my bag.

A heated mattress pad is just ridiculously good.

I love to take really hot baths -- if she likes that, epsom salts are great, and a bath pillow and one of those drain covers that lets you take deep baths.

Hi, I have endometriosis and I basically live from heating pad to heating pad.
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Response by poster: Awesome suggestions! For portability I got the wrap suggested by bluefly... I’ll look into a tens unit of that doesn’t work. Thanks for making my holiday shopping a little easier!!!
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