What kind of bug is this?
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I found this bug while vacuuming behind my bed. What is it?

It seems to have eight legs (so not a bedbug (i hope)), maybe some kind of tick? It was a couple mm long. I haven't seen any others.

Picture here.
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That's some sort of spider.
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If you have a Twitter account, try asking the account @recluseornot - they do spider IDs if you include your location. Doesn’t look like a brown recluse though.
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Adult ticks have eight legs.
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Doesn't look like a tick to me, definitely seems to be a type of spider. A general idea of where you are currently located in the world might help to ID the little guy.
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It looks like a yellow sac spider, which is a pretty common species with a wide distribution.
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It looks more like a tick to me. It doesn't seem to have the separate thorax that spiders have.
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I'm in the San Francisco Bay area. It was, at most, 4mm long.
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My nature book suggests people learn how the poisonous spiders in their region look, then whenever you see a spider and it’s not (a black widow/hobo spider/etc) you don’t have to worry about it. Maybe we should learn our ticks and bedbugs too.

With that in mind, I can tell you it does not look like any yellow sac spider I’ve ever seen (they are longer and skinnier and paler in my experience) and it does NOT look like a bedbug, its legs are too long and its coloring is too weird.
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It looks like a baby spider, probably a common house spider. It doesn't look like a recluse or black widow.

Probably not a yellow sac spider, as it would have a narrower cream colored abdomen. Hobos would have a pattern on their back and are kind of orange (and have more visible spinnerets).

It just wants to eat insects, let it be or take it outside.
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It has 8 legs so it is not a bedbug, they have 6 and it doesn't look like one either way. Ticks' legs are oriented differently on their bodies and when they aren't engorged they're basically flat, and when engorged you can barely see the legs (I live in the Bay area and work and recreate in the outdoors and am very familiar with ticks).

I also believe this to be some kind of baby spider. It's not the clearest picture but it also looks like there are spider-like pedipalps at the front of the head.
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An excellent place to ask about bugs is the reddit /r/whatsthisbug group. A number of very knowledgeable people hang out there. I'm guessing that they'd quickly confirm whether it's a juvenile Sac Spider.
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Spiders don't have thoraxes. You definitely have some kind of spider there. The average house has around three dozen species of spider living in it, though most are so small and so reclusive that you will never even be aware that they exist.
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It is a spider. It is not a tick or a bedbug.
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PS you can post your pic to the ID Please section of BugGuide. net. They usually respond pretty quickly and most of them are professional entomologists.
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